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Welcome to our Glossary

Discover the terms that change the financial technology industry.

Data Breach

An unauthorized access, retrieval or release of sensitive information to an unsecured environment. In cybersecurity incidents, the user or data owner can intentionally or unintentionally allow the data to fall into another party’s hands, giving the recipient access to information, services or assets that would otherwise be closed off or secured.

Data Integrity

Data integrity refers to the completeness and accuracy of data on a given set. It is a dimension of data security aimed at implementing methods, standards and rules for validation processes and error verifications.

Data Science

Data science is the multidisciplinary area of knowledge that extracts insights from usually large volumes of either structured, unstructured or hybrid data, using tools and theories from fields such as computer and information science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) development and machine learning, mathematics or statistics. Data scientists have become a fundamental part of business development and strategy through data-driven decision making, analyzing large volumes of data from diverse datasets that provide intelligence on key business issues such as user behavior or market patterns.


The combination of the terms “development” and “operations”, DevOps is a software development methodology based on the integration between software developers and systems administrators. DevOps allow IT teams to create software more efficiently, with higher quality, lower costs and a high frequency of software releases through a system known as continuous deployment and continuous delivery. DevOps provide operational efficiencies that allow developers to focus solely on software development.