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Digital Wallets

Digital WalletsNovoPayment offers a wide range of APIs that enable businesses to build digital wallets and payment solutions quickly and efficiently. By using NovoPayment's APIs, you can create a robust digital wallet platform that allows users to manage their accounts, store payment information, and make secure transactions. Here are some of the key APIs that make it possible: 

Alias Directory API: The Alias Directory API allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of a user alias, allowing them to make payments without exposing their card information.     With this API, you can create, update, and delete an alias, as well as add different payment instruments and favorite aliases for frequent sending. 

Cards API: The Cards API allows you to manage cards that are linked to your users' accounts. With this API, you can create and manage virtual payment cards, as well as link physical cards to your users' accounts. This API provides a flexible and powerful tool for managing cards, making it easier for users to make secure, fast transactions. 

Onboarding API: The Onboarding API allows you to provide users with a secure & reliable account onboarding experience. This includes device registration, collection of personal information, including biometric data if desired, collection of the required documentation and answers to regulatory questions (according to country regulations), and consent to the terms and conditions. Additionally, NovoPayment orchestrates third-party service providers to perform KYC, AML, and other required validations, depending on the wallet to be created.  

Pay with NFC  

Issuer Wallets: 

The service for Issuer Wallets is provided by an SDK, with a set of tools and libraries that you can use to integrate tokenization functionality into your own applications. The SDK supports a wide range of programming languages, including Java, Objective-C, and Swift. With this SDK, you can quickly and easily add tokenization functionality to your own applications, improving the security of your payment processing system. 

Overall, NovoPayment's APIs provide a comprehensive set of payment processing and security features that can be integrated into a wide range of applications and platforms. By using NovoPayment's APIs, you can streamline your payment processing system, reduce the risk of fraud and data breaches, and provide a better overall experience for your customers. 




Push Provisioning API: 

Facilitate your customer's ability to seamlessly register their debit and credit cards in payment platforms such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay, as easily as including only one button on your website or app. With this API, you can quickly and securely provision payment cards to third-party wallets keeping your cards top of wallet and facilitating payments on the go.



Pay with QR Code: 

Customers can scan a Business QR code using their mobile devices to make the payment, using an SDK you can streamline the payment process and provide a seamless experience for your customers. 


Card on File Tokenization:

Wallets can also be a requestor of tokens for storing cards without enabling NFC payments. Users have quick access to stored credentials for initiating e-commerce payments.

Overall, NovoPayment provides a comprehensive set of tools for building digital wallets and payment solutions quickly and efficiently. By using these APIs in addition to Novopayment's UX/UI development, you can create a powerful Wallet that enables users to manage their payment information, make transactions, and stay secure.