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PaymentsNovopayment's Payments solutions enable users to easily send funds from their accounts or cards. Enabling a variety of rails, Novopayment orchestrates the necessary processes and data exchange for submission to the respective rails.

Real-Time payments functionality is available throughout markets Novopayment operates in. Addtional market- specific rails are available and can be reviewed by contacting the Sales team.

Alias Directory API: The Alias Directory API allows you to manage user aliases, which can be used to mask their payment card information. With this API, you can create and manage aliases for your users, making it easier for them to make payments without exposing their payment card information.   
All this developed with effective integrations and collaborations with relevant local and global payment networks and the domestic markets.   

The Real-time payments API: leverage the newest technologies to pull/push payments whit VISA branded products such as debit, prepaid, and credit cards, enabling businesses and individuals to instantly send simple, secure, and instant payments 24/7/365 and manage transactions between banked consumers around the world.  
Below operations are available for Real-Time Payments API:  

Account to Account (AA): This operation is used to transfer to the same sender with different payment instruments. Both banks and non-banks can use it. 

Person to Person (P2P): This operation is used to transfer funds when the sender and recipient are two different users and issuers. 


It has the following services: 

Money Transfer: Send funds to any Visa or Mastercard eligible card for domestic and cross border transactions  

Uses Cases: 

Funds Transfer allowed Domestic and cross-border P2P 

Funds Transfer allowed Domestic and cross-border AA 

Pull Funds: Withdraw funds from a sender's card. 

Uses Cases: 

Cashin: The process by which a customer credits their account with cash; In this case, the pull funds service is used to debit money from the account sender. The credit to recipient is made with external processes. Allowed AA for Domestic and Cross-border 


Push Funds: Adds resources to a recipient's account. 

Uses Cases: 

Cashout: The process by which a user deducts cash from their mobile money account; For this case, the push funds service is used to credit money from the recipient's account. The debit to the sender account is made with external processes. AA allowed for Domestic transactions. 

Send Money: Money transfer where the pull fund service credits the money to the recipient's account for domestic and cross-border P2P operations. 

The debit to the sender account is made with external processes.

Reverse Funds: Execute the reverse of a pull transfer transaction with the 24-hour window. 

Reverse Adjustment: Execute a pull reverse manually without the 24-hour window.  


Available for Visa, (MasterCard is coming soon)