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Digital Acquiring

 NovoPayment provides a suite of APIs that help businesses to securely and efficiently capture and process payments. If you're looking for digital acquiring solutions, NovoPayment's Payment Authorizer API and Merchant Presented QR API are powerful tools that can help streamline your payment processing.

  1. Payment Authorizer API: NovoPayment's Payment Authorizer API is a secure and easy-to-use tool that allows you to capture payments quickly and easily for stored credit funds. Novopayment captures transaction details and can optionally ensure the availability of funds and approve transactions with funcionality highlighted in Cards or Digital Banking solutions.

  2. Merchant Presented QR API: The Merchant Presented QR API allows you to register merchants and generate QR codes for payment requests, which can be presented to customers at the point of sale. Customers can then scan the QR code using their mobile devices to make the payment. MPQR enables merchants and issuers to streamline the payment process and provide a seamless experience for their customers  

    Here's an example of the merchant experience:

Merchant QR#NPMerchantQR

Overall, NovoPayment's Payment Authorizer API and Merchant Presented QR API provide a comprehensive set of digital acquiring solutions that can help you to securely and efficiently process payments. By using these APIs, you can provide seamless payment experience for your customers.