Money Transfers

Tools for sending money between different parties (e.g. Individuals, businesses, merchants, agents)

General Description

Our money transfer APIs enable cash transfers between different payment ecosystem participants: card / account holders businesses, merchants and corresponding agents.

Available Functions

  • P2P (Peer to Peer)
  • P2M (Peer to Merchant)
  • P2U (Peer to Agent)
  • B2P (Enterprise to Peer)
  • M2P (Merchant to Peer)
  • P2B (Peer to Enterprise)
  • U2P (Agent to Peer)


24/7 Availability

24 hour online operations

Secure Access

Reduce risks associated with cash usage.

Easy management

Efficiency in the use of the cash flow and reduce the work load.

How it works

1. Businesses / Cardholders / Merchants / Correspondent Agents:

  • Enter the API required data to execute the money send
  • Confirm the operation and service fee associated (if applicable)

2. NovoPayment:

  • Validates the availability of funds
  • Calculates applicable fees, reconciles and updates the sending and receiving accounts, respectively

3. Businesses / Cardholders / Merchants / Correspondent Agents:

  • Sender receives confirmation of money transfer completion and confirmation number
  • Receiver gets money transfer notification
  • Businesses
  • Merchants
  • Corresponding Agents
  • Cardholders (End Users)


Money_Transfer_Enterprise (MOT_EN)

  • Enterprise Account – B2P (Enterprise to Peer)

Money_Transfer_Cardholder (MOT_CH)

  • Cardholder Account – P2P (Peer to Peer)
  • Cardholder Account – P2B (Peer to Enterprise)
  • Cardholder Account – P2M (Peer to Merchant)

Money_Transfer _Merchant (MOT_ME)

  • Merchant Account – M2P (Mercahnt to peer)

Money_Transfer _Bank_Correspondant (MOT_BC)

  • Correspondent Agent Account – P2U
  • Correspondent Agent Account – U2P

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