Customer Support Tools

Block accounts, change PIN, report and process incidents, and other functions

General Description

Customer support tools provide call center and support personnel with useful back-office functions for cash management programs such as blocking a card or virtual account, changing a PIN, and reporting incidents like lost or stolen cards, among others.

Available Tools

  • Block or Replace Account/Card / Positive Identification
  • Replace card
  • User identification
  • Automated customer support
  • Report an Incident (e.g. lost or stolen card)


24/7 Availability

24 hour availability. 7 days a week

Secure Access

Reduced risks through rule and role-driven access

Secure Management

All and each of the transaction are operated over a PCI certified environment

How it works

Block or Replace Account/Card / Positive Identification

1. User

  • Provide the API requested data to proceed with the support
  • Confirms the operation

2. NovoPayment:

  • The end user support service receives and validates the information
  • Executes the requested operation
  • Confirms the operation
  • Cardholders (End Users)
  • Businesses
  • Merchants
  • Corresponding Agents


Account Blocking_ Enterprise (AB_EN)

  • Enterprise Account – Temporal Blocking
  • Enterprise Account – Activation

Card Replacement_ Enterprise (CR_EN)

  • Enterprise Account - PIN
  • Enterprise Account – Card

Account Blocking_ Cardholder (AB_CH)

  • Cardholder Account – Temporary Block
  • Cardholder Account – Activation

Card Replacement_ Cardholder (CR_CH)

  • Cardholder Account - PIN
  • Cardholder Account – Card

Account Blocking_ Merchant (AB_MC)

  • Merchant Account – Temporary Block
  • Merchant Account – Activation

Card Replacement_ Merchant (CR_MC)

  • Merchant Account - PIN
  • Merchant Account – Card

Web to case_Enterprise (WTC_EN)

  • Enterprise Account - Create a case
  • Enterprise Account - Close a case
  • Enterprise Account - Process a case
  • Enterprise Account - Report incident

Web to case_Cardholder (WTC_CH)

  • Cardholder Account - Create a case
  • Cardholder Account - Close a case
  • Cardholder Account - Process a case
  • Cardholder Account - Report incident

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