Login, token generation and authentication tools

General Description

Tools for the validation of your users' credentials against other applications.

Available Functions

  • Generate authentication credentials
  • Validate authentication credentials
  • User login



Immediate information processing


Safeguard data integrity and privacy

Administration and Control

Self-management of account creation and registration

How it works

Account Registration and Self-Registration

1. Businesses / Merchants / Correspondent Agent

  • Enter the identification fields requested by the API
  • Confirm the operation (accepting the service rate associated to the program conditions)

2. NovoPayment:

  • Validate data associated a credentials request
  • Create credentials associated to an application, operation and product
  • Cardholders (End Users)
  • Businesses
  • Merchants
  • Corresponding Agents


Authentication_Enterprise (AUT_EN)

  • Enterprise Account - Login
  • Enterprise Account - Token Generator
  • Enterprise Account - Token Authenticator

Authentication_Cardholder (AUT_CH)

  • Cardholder Account - Login
  • Cardholder Account - Token Generator
  • Cardholder Account - Token Authenticator

Authentication_Merchant (AUT_ME)

  • Merchant Account - Login
  • Merchant Account - Token Generator
  • Merchant Account - Token Authenticator

Authentication_Correspondent (AUT_BC)

  • Bank Correspondent - Login
  • Bank Correspondent - Token Generator
  • Bank Correspondent - Token Authenticator

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