Practical guide to get started


If you answers yes to at least one the following questions, you are in the right place:

  • You are a company that needs to pay or collect money
  • You are an entrepreneur with a financial solution that needs a great platform
  • You are a developer with an idea that you would like to test

If you answer positively at least one of the following you found a solution for your payment needs

  • You have a business process where you need to integrate a payment solution
  • You want to handle the payments details and decisions from your own solution

Step 1 - Navigate this site

Explore the site and our APIs.


Step 2 - Review the solutions

The site is organized by categories, in each category you will find solutions, and inside each solution you will find the APIs for an specific use.


Step 3 - Sign Up

Create your developer account by completing the form, receiving your credentials and activating your account with the link provide.


Step 4 - Ask questions

We want to hear from you, and answer all your questions.


Step 5 - Create an application

Access the dashboard and create as many applications as you want.


Step 6 - Test the APIs in the sandbox

Test our code, change parameters as needed and get ready to integrate our APIs into your code.


Step 7 - Develop

From your code, call our API with the indicated parameters. Use your logic and our APIs to build a new solution.


Step 8 - Request your deployment pack

Send us an email to requesting your development pack and we will provide the credentials and certificates.


Step 9 - UAT Test

Once you are ready to test, just request an UAT window.


Step 10 - Deploy your application

You are ready to go, now run your application and keep us posted. We want to hear back from you and your results.


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